Loss Management Services

At MBAH and Heiny Insurance, we make it our priority to provide our clients with every possible tool to reduce complications so you can focus on maintaining your competitive edge. Our loss management services are one of the many benefits available to our small business clients.

The claims and loss management (CALM) department includes specialists who partner with you to identify, reduce or eliminate risk exposures that your business encounters every day. We work with you and your employees on an ongoing basis to develop and implement a risk management program that is unique to your business.

Ultimately, we collaborate with you to achieve three goals:

  • Prevent accidents
  • Control your exposure to loss
  • Properly manage claims

Our claims specialists work diligently to support clients and advocate on your behalf to the many reputable insurance companies we partner with to ensure prompt resolution and a fair claims process.

The staff in our CALM department is experienced at and dedicated to providing clients with professional service that will help control loss and keep insurance premiums manageable. Risk management services include: Inspections, safety training and workers compensation return-to-work programs, among other things.

Ask our CALM department for a Safety & Health checklist to review the hazards your business and employees face every day. We have many resources that can help you minimize risk in your workplace.

Keep CALM about Risk Management

Contact the independent agents at MBAH and Heiny Insurance or the CALM staff to discuss how our services may benefit your business. Join other business owners in Lafayette and Monticello, IN, who already understand what separates our agency from the others.