MBAH Insurance Agents

Our staff is committed to truly understanding your insurance needs and providing timely service at all times. Our full-service claims department makes it easy to seek answers to policy questions or receive assistance during those anxious moments when a house or auto claim is necessary. Contact our Lafayette, Indiana, office with general questions about MBAH or if would like a quote for business insurance or help with risk management.

If you know which person or department at MBAH you wish to contact, refer to the contact information below.



John Willis, CIC — President/CEO — Email John 

Matt Metzger, CIC, CSRM — Executive Vice President — Email Matt

Mike Brummett  – Secretary/Treasurer – Email Mike

Mary Ellis, CRIS — Email Mary

Brent Skelton, CIC — Email Brent

Jeff Clute — Email Jeff

Stephanie ClarkEmail Stephanie

Tina Cornell Email Tina

John Fesler Email John


Matt Metzger, CIC, CSRM — Producer/Sales Manager — Email Matt

John Willis, CIC — Producer — Email John

Brent Skelton, CIC — Producer — Email Brent

Jeff Clute — Producer — Email Jeff

Mike Brummett — Producer — Email Mike

Amanda Haynes — Business Insurance Account Manager — Email Amanda

Brady Knoy — Producer — Email Brady

Carol Ruemler, AAI — Account Manager / Department Assistant Manager  — Email Carol

Sally Sunderman, CIC, CPIW — Account Manager — Email Sally

Stephanie Clark, CIC — Director of Service Operations / Department Manager — Email Stephanie



Mary Ellis, CRIS — Producer — Email Mary

Becca Grimes, CPCU, AIS, AINS – Producer – Email Becca

Sara Spurgeon, CPCU, AIM, AAM, CPIW, CRIS — Account Manager — Email Sara

Terrie Hooker, CIC, AAI, CRIS — Account Manager — Email Terrie

Tarah Bunch — Account Manager — Email Tarah



Mark LeBeau, IACSR — Producer — Email Mark

Stephanie Clark, CIC — Director of Service Operations / Department Manager — Email Stephanie

Heather DeLong, IACSR — Account Manager / Department Assistant Manager — Email Heather

Jennifer Wallace — Account Manager — Email Jennifer

Shannon Owens – Account Manager – Email Shannon



Mike Brummett — Producer — Email Mike

Stephanie Clark, CIC — Director of Service Operations / Department Manager — Email Stephanie

Sean Brummett — Producer —  Email Sean



Matt Metzger, CIC, CSRM — Producer / Sales Manager — Email Matt

Mike Brummett — Producer — Email Mike

Deb Musser, LUTCF — Producer — Email Deb

Bernadette Baugh – Producer – Email Bernadette

Jana Jones — Account Manager — Email Jana

Sadie McKinley — Account Manager — Email Sadie



Tina Cornell — Director of Operations — Email Tina

Roxanne Deck — Accountant — Email Roxanne

John Fesler  Director of IT — Email John

Jeri Harris — Receptionist — Email Jeri

Kayla Sexton — A/R Specialist/Administrative Assistant — Email Kayla



Jenni Duff, AIC, SCLA — Claims Specialist — Email Jenni

Stacey Johnston — Claims Specialist — Email Stacey