Business Insurance

The teams of ┬áMBAH and Heiny Insurance are uniquely qualified to work with large and small businesses in central Indiana to solve your insurance needs. When you’re responsible for the operation, there can be a fine line between business risk and reward. We can help you find the solutions you need while maintaining a keen eye on the bottom line.

Our staff is here to both provide answers to your insurance questions and anticipate the risks you may face and help you prepare for them. For instance, if you operate a restaurant or hotel, we not only can tailor an insurance package to fit, but our risk management team can provide complimentary training to bartenders and servers so they can be certified.

Liability Protection for Large and Small Business

The term ‘one size does not fit all’ is particularly appropriate when it comes to the liability potential of large and small businesses. Depending on the size of your commercial operation, you may have multiple locations and a diverse clientele.

Let’s sit down to discuss your risks and work together to determine an appropriate amount of general liability protection for your company, including whether you may also decide to add an umbrella liability policy. Then, if someone is injured at your place of business or by a product you sell, our team will be with you every step of the way.

Business Property Insurance

Consult with us and you will get much more than a property insurance quote. An implement dealer certainly has different commercial property insurance needs than a contractor. We have handled the insurance needs of such a broad range of businesses that we are confident we can find the right protection for you at the best possible rate.

Workers Compensation Coverage

Workers comp is required, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a burden on your budget. We will study your business and help you navigate the rules and regulations of workers comp. In addition to offering solutions from insurance companies that specialize in this type of coverage, we offer return-to-work programs that assist employers as they anticipate the risks they face trying to keep their staff of three or 83 on the job.

Business Interruption Insurance

Few business owners have time to consider the possibility that some unforeseen event could temporarily suspend their operation. As your insurance partner, we are here to ask tough questions and help you find cost-effective answers that will leave you prepared for the unexpected so you can focus on the important task of running your business.

Life Insurance and Benefits

As an employer you may consider the benefits you provide to employees, from disability income insurance to group health insurance plans. We have independent insurance agents dedicated to these types of insurance solutions, including using life insurance for business continuation or to insure the lives of key employees whose unexpected death could potentially cause the small business to fail.

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