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OSHA Recordkeeping Rule Changes Effective January 1, 2015

OSHA has announced changes to its recordkeeping rule. These changes will be in effect as of January 1, 2015. The changes will expand the list of severe injuries and illnesses that employers must report to OSHA. In addition to current recordkeeping requirements, you will be required to report all

What Kind of Life Insurance Do You Need?

If you are considering the purchase of a life insurance policy, chances are something big has recently happened. Buying a home, becoming married, the birth of a child, realizing a significant career goal – these milestones are often the catalyst for realizing the importance of leaving your loved

Retirement Plans, or How’s Work Working for You? Part II

So, my social media accounts have been lighting up, asking me if I’ve been on sabbatical for 3 months since I haven’t published much. Yes and no. It’s more like a sojourn, moving into temporary housing while building a new home. You might recall from a prior hockey-themed blog my wife and I are

Basic Insurance Terms Everyone Should Know

Insurance can be confusing, and let’s face it, it’s not everyone’s favorite topic. If your eyes glaze over while discussing your policy with your agent, you might be missing something important that you will need to know later on. Everyone who purchases insurance needs—at the very least—an

Stay Safe, Keep Cool This Summer

Summer is a time when many American families spend time grilling, swimming and entertaining at home. To keep your home, your family and your guests safe, consider some of these top tips for summer safety at home. Grilling Safety There’s nothing quite as fun and tasty as an outdoor barbecue,