Celebrate Insurance Freedom with an Independent Agent

When it comes to insurance, not all agents are created equal. One who represents and sells a single brand of insurance products is referred to as a “captive” agent. Independent agents, however, truly represent their clients, comparing policies from several insurance companies to find the best solution for each client. And an independent agent is typically also a member of your community.

Here are some reasons you should consider an independent agent to meet your insurance needs:


Independent insurance agents offer their clients a unique advantage: freedom of choice. The average independent insurance agent has access to the products and policies of eight different providers. This broad scope in coverage options allows your insurance agent to help you find the best policies to meet all your insurance needs in one place.


Nobody’s insurance needs stay the same throughout their lives; at each stage, you will have different priorities and different coverage needs. An independent agent will be there through it all, adapting with you and continuing to offer you the best coverage available. This long-term relationship is based in trust and loyalty on both sides.


A good independent agent is well-versed in the policies and trends happening across the whole industry, receiving news and alerts from several insurance companies. A local agent knows what the risks and options available to the region. The independent, local agent is able to offer the best advice.


Independent insurance agents often have strong ties to the communities where they live and work. An independent agent spends years building their business, and their success is directly tied to the satisfaction of you, the client. They can’t rely on a brand name or a logo to drive business; they must focus on excellent customer service and Insurance solutions.

MBAH Insurance has been serving the Lafayette community for nearly 90 years. We intentionally select only those insurance providers that meet our high company standards, and our professional team offers exemplary customer service and solutions to our clients. To learn more, drop by our Duncan Street office or visit our colleagues at Heiny Insurance in Monticello. We look forward to meeting you.

Have you worked with an Independent Insurance Agent? How did it help you in finding the best insurance solutions?