Attract Quality Employees with a Benefits Package

As a business owner, you know the importance of having an excellent staff: high-quality employees mean better products and services and greater customer care. How do you find – and retain – the employees your business needs? One way to attract these quality individuals is to offer a competitive benefits package.

Create a Customized Benefits Package for Your Employees

While compensation is likely the most important concern of potential employees, the benefits you offer can also be a strong incentive for applicants. Creating a benefits package that appeals to your employees, and fits in your budget, can be vital to the success of your business.

Our agents offer detailed guidance to business owners throughout the Lafayette and Monticello area on a variety of employee benefits:

  • Health insurance: Our agents will help you review your options for adding health coverage to your employee benefits package. We provide advice on group health packages, as well as optional dental and vision coverage.
  • Life policies: Many employers offer some sort of life insurance coverage under their employee benefits package. We offer advice on available life insurance options, including term life and whole life policies.
  • Disability: Short-term and long-term disability benefits are offered by many employers. Our agents will help you review the option of adding disability insurance to your employee benefits package, and will provide quotes for the optional coverage.

Get the Best Value for your Business and Your Employees

When creating an employee benefits plan, you probably have two goals: offering an attractive plan for employees and limiting your costs.

Our relationships with multiple providers, combined with our knowledge of the various aspects of an employee benefits package, allow us to help you review a wide range of coverage options. By filtering out options that aren’t right for your business or your budget, we work to streamline your search for policies and to get the best value for your money.

Do you offer a competitive employee benefits package? Have you ever considered adding additional benefits to your offering? Speak to one of our agents for advice on adding policies to your employee benefits plan.