Flood Insurance Can Help You Avoid Drowning in Debt

The imagery and feeling of helplessness associated with a flooded home is something victims will never forget. When a life’s worth of possessions and memories lies under standing water, it can be difficult to see how you will rebuild your life. When faced with this emotional situation, flood insurance may be the key to replacing or repairing your home and belongings.

At MBAH and Heiny Insurance Agencies, we believe that homeowners should be aware of the potential dangers of flooding in the area. Our independent agents work to provide homeowners in the Lafayette and Monticello areas with the information necessary to make informed decisions regarding their flood insurance coverage.

Unfortunately, many Indiana residents are unaware of the dangers presented by severe weather and flooding. A recent article from the Indiana Geological Survey at Indiana University Bloomington reveals several alarming facts:

  • Nearly 25 percent of the state of Indiana was historically covered by wetlands
  • Countless rivers and tributaries crisscross the state – many of these waterways are close to residential areas and are susceptible to overflow in severe weather
  • Flooding in June 2008 resulted in 82 of 92 counties being declared federal disaster areas, with thousands of families were displaced from their homes

Following the flood of 2008, many families were left without a home or even the most basic of belongings. Homeowners without flood insurance were left to fend for themselves, while those with the optional coverage were offered financial assistance to find temporary lodging, rebuild or repair their homes or replace lost belongings. Flood insurance certainly proved crucial to many of these families.

Do you carry flood insurance? If so, are you sure that your policy limits are high enough to adequately cover your home and all of your belongings?

If you don’t carry a flood policy, have you considered adding it to your homeowners insurance package? Adding flood insurance in the Lafayette and Monticello areas is a very affordable policy option that can prove to be invaluable in the future.

*SOURCE: Indiana Geological Survey at Indiana University Bloomington